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Tiffany Jolly

Welcome, I’m Tiffany Jolly  and I need you to know something – I believe you can live a kickass life of adventure and freedom, while connecting with other badass women like yourself.  All while helping others in the way you were born to.

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Skyy Distaccato

Production Supervisor

“OMnia Yoga is amazing. Talk about an empowering yoga session, get ready to work your ass off and have a beautiful instructor tell you that you’re a warrior and a goddess.”

Molly Gleizes

Senior Business Development Executive

“After just over a year of [OMnia Yoga] I now feel finally back in touch with the real me… Tiffany uniquely gave me permission to explore the real me without expectations which has been so refreshing and life changing.”

Rachel Grimsley


“I just wanted to reach out with all of the sheer gratitude and love that I feel for you, to be sure that you know how important and influential you’ve been for me. Thank you, truly.”

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